The Toledo Zoo's First 100 Years, 1900-2000

The Toledo Zoo's First 100 Years, 1900-2000

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"The Toledo Zoo's First 100 Years: A Century of Adventure 1900-2000"

Written by Ted J. Ligibel, this full color book features beautiful photos and exploits through the years of development at the Toledo Zoo, heralded as "America's most complete zoo." From the first animal — a woodchuck — to the "near international incident" between Toledo and London over "Slippery Sam", the escaped seal named Cyril, to the building of the amphitheater, aviary, reptile house, and aquarium to the zoo's near closure in 1980 to its rebound, the Lights Before Christmas, the arrival of the pandas and more, this book chronologically covers the glorious history of Toledo finest fauna field housing. 

Softcover, 192 pages, 8.5x11", published 1999.


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