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ARTICLE LICENSE: Black Toledo, 1870-2000


Items:  38 Toledo Blade articles reflecting the development and changes of the black community in Toledo.
Authorized usage: Book of less than 1,000 copies documenting history of Black Toledo, 1870-2000.

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Date: 2016.05.10
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Angela M. Siner,
Interim-Director, Africana Studies Program
University of Toledo
2801 West Bancroft Street
Toledo, Ohio 43606

The Blade has granted permission to the company or publisher listed above for republication of the following material(s) subject to the conditions set forth below.

Items:  38 Toledo Blade articles reflecting the development and changes of the black community in Toledo.

"Historians Credit 3 Toledoans for Helping Slaves Flee"  02-08-2001.   
“The Execution – Interesting Particulars. “Daily Toledo Blade.” 12-09- 1859
Douglass at College Hall.”Toledo Blade.”  08-02-1864
“Advance of Colored of Color Race in Toledo is Pointed Out.”  Toledo Blade.  02-22-1936
“Depression Memories Not All Bad.” Toledo Blade 10 Feb., 1989.
“Those Were The Days.” Toledo Blade 21 Mar.., 1993.
“Toledo’s Henrietta Society: Still Meeting After 100-Plus Years.” Toledo Blade.  02-22-1998
“Activist a black pioneer” J.B. Simmons, Jr. led push for rights. Toledo Blade. 12-28-99
 “James Slater Gibson : In Pursuit Of Justice.” Toledo Magazine, Toledo Blade. 12-12-1982
 “ Low Profile Held By Toledo On Race Issues.”  Toledo Blade 22 Mar., 1972.
 “Brand Whitlock’s Glory Days.” Toledo Blade 11 Feb., 1996
“The Late 60s: Black Pain and Gain.” Toledo Blade 25 Feb., 1989.
“Celebrating the Work of Women.” Toledo Blade 10 July, 1994: 1-2.
 “New Shops Promote Afro-Culture.” Toledo Blade 15., 1968.
 “Negro History Available at Toledo Store.” Toledo Blade 31 May, 1970.
 “ WXTS-FM Entering Its 25th Year of Cool Music.” Toledo Blade 12-23-1999.
“Tension at Scott Disappears After Negro Queen Incident.” Toledo Blade 15 Nov., 1957.
“Scott High’s 1st African-American Principal Took Helm After ‘60’s Riots.” Toledo Blade 14 Aug., 2006: 4.
 “Afro Ball Celebrates Heritage.” Toledo Blade 29 Feb., 1996: 1-2.
 “Ellis Named Head of City Schools; 1st Black to Win Post.” Toledo Blade 8 Dec., 1990.
 “Tough Out The Challenges.” Toledo Blade 14 Aug., 1990.
 “Hiring Blacks at TU.” Toledo Blade 13 Jan., 1986:8
“Blacks at UT Protest ‘Injustice’” Toledo Blade 5 May, 1992.
“UT President Meets With Black Students.” Toledo Blade 19 May, 1994.
 “Black Leader at UT Pushes the Envelope.” Toledo Blade 23 May, 1994.
“Wayman Palmer: Planning Council Head Was Ex-City Official.” Toledo Blade 12 Nov., 1984.
Jack Ford, Toledo City Councilman and former mayor , dies at 67 . Toledo Blade 21 March 2015
Undefeated UT quarterback still denied final victory, by Matt Markey.  07 November 2010.
Diggs sworn in as city’s first black police chief.  Toledo  Blade .    21 October 2011
Judge Robert V. Franklin. Obituary. Toledo Blade.   03 December 2011
TPS principal inspired pupils to attain goals. Toledo Blade. 09 January 2003
Toledo Jazz enthusiasts lament the closing of Murphy’s by Tom Henry.  The  Toledo Blade .   01 June 2011
African- American Festival grew from humble beginning. By Anthony Kayruz.   12 July 2015
1st African- American Festival “like a neighborhood reunion.”   By Steve Murphy.  17 July 2005
Keeping dream alive for today's kids.  By  Dave Hackenberg.   The Blade. 30 Sept.  2007
"Wilbert 'Skeeter' McClure: 1960 Olympic Gold Medalist Was Toledo Native Original Fight Doctor?"  By Dave Woolford.  Toledo Blade 19 Dec. 1999: C2
“Jim Parker.”  By Steve Junga. Toledo Blade 15 Sept., 2000: 1+.

Authorized usage: Book of less than 1,000 copies documenting history of Black Toledo, 1870-2000.

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  • One-time use only as described above, print and electronic formats.  Rights are not transferable to other projects or individuals without prior consent of The Blade. Materials must be used as published.  Edited or altered material must be pre-approved.
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 Luann Sharp, Asst. Managing Editor, 2016.05.10

Luann Sharp, Asst. Managing Editor, 2016.05.10