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Sheila Wager


First woman wrestling official at World Cup. (Cuba vs Canada). She is the first woman to referee world class freestyle and greco-roman wrestling at the senior level, she is the first woman to referee wrestling in the Olympics and/or World Cup. Published Tuesday, April 3, 1984. THE BLADE/DON STRAYER    

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Shieila Wager.jpg

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Dr. David Curby,
United World Wrestling (UWW) Scientific  Commission
Director: International Network of Wrestling Researchers (INWR)
Editor: International Journal of Wrestling Science
Executive Director: Beat the Streets - Chicago

T: 1 (708) 217-7818
F: 1 (312) 635-2221 

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Item: Picture of Sheila Wager Photo by Don Strayer (BLADE ID: 17925131)
Authorized usage: As an inside image in an academic book on women's wrestling; Sheila was the first woman to referee wrestling in the Olympics

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  Luann Sharp, Asst. Managing Editor , 2015.03.19

Luann Sharp, Asst. Managing Editor, 2015.03.19