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MEDIA PACKAGE: Cori Key Murder for BTN


Items:  Blade archive file photos (2) and articles (4) detailing the murder of Cori Keys. (Blade Photo IDs: 4590365, 4590364; Articles: Boles is Sentenced in Cori Key Slaying :: Boyfriend Sentenced for Woman's '04 Murder :: 2004 Cori Key Murder Case Moves to Defense Stage :: Toledoan Charged '04 Murder of Woman)
Authorized usage: Story for Big Ten Network about OSU Basketball player Jae'sean Tate.

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Commercial Republication Permission

Date: 2018.02.22
Company Name, Contact Name, Details, Business Address, Details:

Bill Friedman
Coordinating Producer – BTN Originals
Big Ten Network
600 W. Chicago Ave – Suite 875
Chicago, IL 60654
312.665.0819 – office
860.559.6285 – mobile

The Blade has granted permission to the company or publisher listed above for republication of the following material(s) subject to the conditions set forth below.

Item:  Items:  Blade archive file photos (2) and articles (4) detailing the murder of Cori Keys. (Blade Photo IDs: 4590365, 4590364; Articles: Boles is Sentenced in Cori Key Slaying :: Boyfriend Sentenced for Woman's '04 Murder :: 2004 Cori Key Murder Case Moves to Defense Stage :: Toledoan Charged '04 Murder of Woman)
Authorized usage: 

This Agreement (“Agreement”), is made as of February 20, 2018, between Big Ten Network, LLC. (“Licensee”) and Toledo Blade (“Licensor”).

1. SPECIFIED FOOTAGE/IMAGES: Licensor hereby grants to Licensee, its employees, agents, representatives, successors, assigns, licensees, independent contractors and suppliers the non-exclusive right, but not the obligation, to use the footage and/or images (including the soundtrack thereof, if applicable) described in Exhibit “A” attached hereto (the “Materials”).

2. RESTRICTED USE: The Materials may be used in any and all Licensee programming (“Program(s)”) for exhibition in the “Media” described in Exhibit “A” for the “Territory” described in Exhibit “A” and for the “Term” described in Exhibit “A.”

3. COSTS: Licensor will pay all costs arising in any way by reason of the license granted hereunder including screening, processing, laboratory, transfer and shipping charges in connection with the manufacture of any preprint material and positive prints of the Materials and the costs involved in replacing any lost or damaged materials delivered to Licensee.

4. ADVERTISING: Licensee shall have the ability to use the name of Licensor in connection with the advertising or publicizing of the Program.

5. WARRANTIES: Licensor represents and warrants that it has the right and authority, as copyright owner in the Materials, to grant the rights granted to Licensee hereunder, that the consent of no other person, firm, corporation or entity is required to enable Licensee to use the Materials as described herein, and that such use by Licensee will not violate the rights of any third parties. Licensee represents and warrants that the incorporation of the Materials into the Program shall in no way affect Licensor’s continued and separate copyright ownership in the program from which the Materials was taken and that the copyright ownership of Licensor will not merge with the Program nor deprive Licensor of its copyright ownership.

6. INDEMNITY: Licensor agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Licensee and its officers, directors, agents, employees, representatives, associates, affiliates and subsidiary corporations, and each of all of them harmless from and against any and all loss, costs, damage, liability and expense, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising out of any claim whatsoever, whether or not groundless, which may arise, directly or indirectly, caused by breach of Licensor’s representations, warranties and/or agreements as applicable hereunder.

7. REMEDIES: Licensor further acknowledges that a breach by Licensee of any of its representations, warranties or undertakings hereunder will not cause Licensor irreparable damage, or otherwise sufficient to entitle Licensor to injunctive or any other form of equitable relief. Licensor’s rights and remedies in any such event shall be strictly limited to the right to recover monetary damages, if any, in an action at law. Without limiting the forgoing, Licensor shall not be entitled by reason of any such breach to terminate or rescind this Agreement nor to enjoin, restrain or otherwise impair Licensee’s exercise of any of the rights and privileges granted or to be granted hereunder, nor to restrain, enjoin or otherwise impair Licensee’s property or assets or the development, production, exhibition and/or exploitation of the Program or any advertising, publicity or promotion in connection therewith.

8. LICENSE FEE: In full and complete consideration of Licensor’s provision of the Material and the rights granted hereunder and all of Licensor’s representations and warranties, and provided Licensee receives an executed copy of this Agreement and all other required documentation, and that Licensor is not in breach of this Agreement, Licensor shall pay Licensee Six Hundred Dollars (US$600.00). Payment will be made to Licensee by Licensor within thirty (30) days following Licensor’s receipt of original invoices therefore (in a form acceptable to Licensor) from Licensee and in accordance with Licensor’s then-current accounting policies.

9. GOVERNING LAW: Irrespective of the place of execution or performance, this Agreement will be governed, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the state of Illinois, excluding choice of law principles of such state that would require the application of the laws of a jurisdiction other than Illinois.

10. ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This Agreement contains the entire understanding of the parties hereto relating to the subject matter herein contained, and it cannot be changed or terminated orally.    

EXHIBIT A   1. MATERIAL: a) Two (2) High Resolution photographs of Damien Boles; b) Boles is Sentenced in Cori Key Slaying, by Erica Blake:; c) Boyfriend Sentenced for Woman's '04 Murder: by Erica Blake murder.html; d) 2004 Cori Key Murder Case Moves to Defense Stage: by Erica Blake stage.html; and e) Toledoan Charged '04 Murder of Woman by Ignazio Messina: woman.html.   
2. MEDIA: Licensee shall have the right to use the Materials in any and all media now known or hereinafter developed.  3. TERRITORY: Universe.  4. TERM: Perpetuity.  5. CREDIT: The Blade. 

Fee: $600

Conditions for this permission:

  • One-time use only as described above. Rights are not transferable to other projects or individuals without prior consent of The Blade. Materials must be used as published.  Edited or altered material must be pre-approved.
  • Fee includes obtaining materials for republication and all Blade service fees relating to republication.
  • Licensee acknowledges that some jurisdictions provide legal protection against a person’s image, likeness or property being used for commercial purposes without their consent. The Blade makes no representations or warranties as to whether or not any additional payments or fees may be due as a result of republication. Licensee shall be responsible for all additional fees and payments. 


 Kim Bates, Asst. Managing Editor, 2018.02.22

Kim Bates, Asst. Managing Editor, 2018.02.22