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PHOTO PACKAGE: Weltner, Columbus Hockey


Items:  Blade photos of hockey games featuring Columbus
Authorized usage: For use in print and production of hockey documentary

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Commercial Republication Permission

Date: 2019.04.17
Company Name, Contact Name, Details, Business Address, Details:

Sierra Productions LLC
Eric Weltner
Weltner Worldwide

The Blade has granted permission to the company or publisher listed above for republication of the following material(s) subject to the conditions set forth below.

Items: Ten (10) digitized original Blade photos of hockey games featuring Columbus (BLADE IDs: 24908961, 24908957, 24908953, 24908945, 24908941, 24908937, 24908933, 24908917, 24747832, 24982968) at $25 per image

Additionally, at $10 per item, images lifted from Google News Archive’s Blade Pages:

  1. December 9, 1967 (News Archive pg. 12)

  2. February 4, 1968 (News Archive pg. 22)

  3. January 9, 1969 (News Archive pg. 16)

  4. February 27, 1969 (News Archive pg. 16)

  5. October 18, 1969 (News Archive pg. 12)

  6. January 11, 1970 (News Archive pg. 28)

  7. October 17, 1971

  8. December 19, 1971

  9. January 16, 1972

  10. January 27, 1972

  11. December 3, 1972

  12. December 24, 1972

  13. February 27, 1974 (News Archive pg. 23)

  14. March 27, 1975 (News Archive pg. 11)

  15. February 17, 1977 (News Archive pg. 18)

  16. March 19, 1977 (News Archive pg. 8)

  17. March 30, 1977 (Image showed up in March 29 News Archive file, pg. 18)

  18. April 6, 1977 (News Archive pg. 16)

  19. April 7, 1977 (News Archive pg. 15)

  20. April 10, 1977 (News Archive pg. 28)

  21. April 13, 1977 (Image showed up April 12 News Archive, pg. 34)

Authorized usage: On behalf of The Blade (Toledo Blade) rights holder to the photographs described herein, hereby grant to Sierra Productions LLC and its assignees, successors, and those acting in pursuant to their authority, the right and permission to publish the photos listed above.

For Worldwide, all Media, to include, but not limited to: broadcast, cable, theatrical release, home video/DVD, Internet streaming; advertising and promotion rights, in perpetuity in the documentary film titled “International Incidents.”

Fee: $460

Conditions for this permission:

  • Rights are not transferable to other companies or individuals without prior consent of The Blade. Materials must be used as published. Edited or altered material must be pre-approved.

  • Fee includes obtaining materials for republication and all Blade service fees relating to republication.

  • Licensee acknowledges that some jurisdictions provide legal protection against a person’s image, likeness or property being used for commercial purposes without their consent. The Blade makes no representations or warranties as to whether or not any additional payments or fees may be due as a result of republication. Licensee shall be responsible for all additional fees and payments.


Kim Bates, Asst. Managing Editor

Kim Bates, Asst. Managing Editor