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PHOTO: Solaright


Item:  Blade photo of Solar-powered "runway lights".
Authorized usage: Full-use license in print and digital formats.

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Commercial Republication Permission

Date: 2017.05.03
Company Name, Contact Name, Details, Business Address, Details:

Solaright Wireless Lighting
Mike Gilliland
Vice President - Marketing
P:  405-673-6822
C:  405-694-6638
5600 N. May Ave, Suite 100
Oklahoma City, OK  73112

The Blade has granted permission to the company or publisher listed above for republication of the following material(s) subject to the conditions set forth below.

Item:  Blade photo of Solar-powered "runway lights" in the pavement and on guardrails along State Route 65 east of State Route 235 Thursday, April 20, 2017, in Middleton Township, Ohio. (Blade ID: 21888375)
Authorized usage: Full-use license in print and digital formats, The Blade (Licensor) grants to Solaright (Licensee), its successors and assigns the non-exclusive right to exhibit the Item in any and all media, excluding political promotion, but including standard and non-standard television, home video (e.g. DVD); online (e.g. Internet), whether such forms are now existing or hereafter developed, throughout the universe in perpetuity. Must credit image where applicable: the Blade, Jeremy Wadsworth, 2017

Fee: $250

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Luann Sharp, Asst. Managing Editor, 2017.05.03

Luann Sharp, Asst. Managing Editor, 2017.05.03