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Archived Editions of The Blade, 1835-2002

Whether it was a sports page from a sleepy Wednesday in the 40's or the day America walked on the moon, we've got a page out of history for it.

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Sometimes pages have literally become lost to history, so we wait to take payment.

Prior to digital archiving that began August 1, 2002, all editions are stored in bound volumes in our archive warehouse. Archive Page Reproductions differ from the contemporary editions because there is much more labor involved with searching for and developing the requests. 

Sample from October 21, 1956 shown

Sample from October 21, 1956 shown



$45 Newsroom Special 
13x19 gloss finish

$60 18x24 matte
$65 18x24 lustre
$70 20x30 matte
$75 20x30 lustre 


Basic, 1.25" Black Wood Frame

16x20" Matte Print
$95 w/ 16x20 Frame
$125 w/ 20x30 (option includes white mat-board border)

20x30" Matte Print
$155 w/ 20x30 Frame


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